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End of the Dog Days of Advent

We are putting the decorations away, taking the tree to the road and calling it good! This was a fantastic season. I love seeing the community share stories and just interpret their own spin on how to approach the challenge. We hope you stay subscribed to the feed so when we start the challenge for the Dog Days of Podcasting you can keep on listening.

Thank you…and Happy New Year!

Dog Days of Advent 2017

Welcome to the Dog Days of Advent. Much like the Dog Days of Podcasting Challenge participants will be podcasting once a day for the season of Advent leading up to Christmas! For more details head over to the main page on the Dog Days of Podcasting website and find all the details.

Dog Days of 2016 have Started!

It is that time of year again…the hot part of the summer. It is also that time of year again to DDOPfire up the Dog Days of Podcasting! If you don’t know much about the Dog Days of Podcasting you can read about it on the front page of the site.

During DDOP, there is a main podcast feed you can subscribe to so you can keep up with all the podcasts from all the participants in the challenge if you want. Even though we have one main feed for the duration of the challenge…we encourage you to create a relationship with those individuals directly by subscribing to their own feeds, visiting their websites and hitting them up on their social media links. Let them know you are listening…Support your Creators!

I wish everyone a Happy Dog Days of Podcasting Season! Happy Podcasting!

Dog Days Comes to an End for 2014

I want to thank everyone that participated listener and Podcaster alike. Each year this challenge gets a little more fun and this year was no different.

Remember to stay subscribed to the feed here at DDOP. When we start up next year, you will automatically start receiving the new shows. Also remember this is not the end of the line if you like any of the podcaters too..On the site we have links to all the podcasters so you can go and follow them on their respective addresses on the internet.

Thanks again and I look forward to next year. If you have comments, or thoughts about what you would like to see next year, please leave them below.

Dog Days of Podcasting Finale for 2013

Thank you to everyone that participated! That includes the podcasters as well as the listeners. Without the listeners, a podcast is only half a show.

Just because it is the end doesn’t mean you need to unsubscribe to the Dog Days feed. We will not be updating it with new content throughout the year, however when we start the challenge for 2014 that the same feed will start delivering those new podcasts!

Also, each of the podcasters have links to all their own sites, and social network stuffs, so I encourage you to go and subscribe to their individual shows, follow them Facebook, Twitter, etc. All the participants are listed here.


So, stay subscribed and thank you all for making this challenge a success!

Hey…consider doing the challenge for yourself next year. 🙂

…and Go!

Today is July 30th…and that is the date we are starting this whole crazy challenge of podcasting everyday.

Subscribe to the feed on the Dog Days of Podcasting site to keep track of all the podcasts. Even though we do have an aggregated feed, we do urge you to subscribe to the various shows that everyone produces. You can find the participating podcasters here.


Ready, Set….

It is almost that time where we start our 30 day (actually 31 days) journey podcasting once a day for the entire month of August.

To keep up with all the podcasting during the challenge I have created a feed that has all the podcasts from all the podcasters which is here. Remember you can subscribe to everyone individually. This collective feed is just to bring it all into one place.

So, tomorrow is when the fun all starts! Subscribe with your favorite podcatcher and listen up!

If you want to get in on the action yourself and podcast everyday for 30 (31) days head to the Dog Days site and sign up!


Starting up!

So how do you podcast once a day and make it easy on yourself?

Tip 1: No one said that each episode needed to be edited and polished. 🙂

Tip 2: Last year a number of us used apps on our phones such as AudioBoo, or SoundCloud. I know there are a number of apps out there and it is easier than ever to record on the go.