2015 Participants

Andrew Henderson



Bruce Rosenberger

Just a guy talking about comics, movies, and books.
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Chiaki Hinohara

Metal Moment Podcast

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Chris A Moody

Author Chat
Will be talking about my day, writing, app development, etc.

Chuck Tomasi

ChuckChat Freestyle
The life behind the microphone. An audio diary of a husband, father, podcaster, IT professional, martial artist, and anything else creative I do.
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Clinton Alvord


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Cory Chase

Tech Talk with Cory (Tech not included)
There is so many things to talk about, but yet nothing is ever said. You might get a laugh or two, but I cannot guarantee anymore than that.
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Dave Slusher

Evil Genius Chronicles
Evil Genius Chronicles is the longest running podcast in the world. It is an audio diary of culture, music and technology hosted by Dave Slusher. Come join the party!
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Derek Coward

Comic Book Noise


Jason Irwin

Doubtfully Daily Matigo
The show is called “Doubtfully Daily” but, for the Dog Days of Podcasting, I plan on examining the history behind a common phrase in the English language every day for the month of August.
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Jeremy Cherfas

Doubtfully Daily Podcasts
This is not my main show feed, but one that I use for occasional smaller pieces, including Dog Days of Podcasting

JT Shea

Behind The Bar with JT
Come join JT Behind the Bar for a quick drink after work. maybe a song or two, Who knows how might stop by. No telling what might happen on Fridays!
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Justin Diehl

Four years running, looking forward to more.
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Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

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Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

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Kreg Steppe

Look What I Found!
I do an (at this point) annual podcast. I am a creative that enjoys Photography, Drawing, Podcasting, and Creative Writing. I have lots of interests and this is my place to share.
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Mad Marv

Mad Marv’s Notebook

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Melissa Bartell

The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales From the Tub

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Michael Butler

The Rock and Roll Geek Show
This is the real school of rock. I’ve been doing my show since 2004. That makes me a podcast pioneer mother f-ers!
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Mike Dell

Mike Dell’s World
Just a show I do whenever I feel like. But I think doing a daily for a month might be fun 🙂
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Nutty Bites
Nutty Bites is a podcast that is focused on highlighting what’s awesome in geek & pop culture with debates about geeky topics like “Who is the Most Ineffectual Character in SciFi”, “Favourite Villains”, and “Best Lame Super Powers”. For Dog Days of Podcasting Nuchtchas will be focusing mostly on “Nutty Chats” where she will ring up her friends from all over new media and geekdom and share those short chats with you.
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Steve Webb

Lifespring! Family Audio Bible
The Lifespring! Family Audio Bible is the podcast that helps you achieve consistency in reading the Bible . Every Monday through Friday I bring you two or three chapters of the Bible and a short devotional or commentary in about ten minutes. We’re reading through the Bible on three tracks. Track one is reading through the Old Testament, Track two is reading through the New Testament, and the third is reading through the books of poetry and wisdom. Each day alternates to one of those tracks. Also, each week I choose a different translation of the Bible to read. For the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, the extra Saturday and Sunday shows might see a bonus Lifespring! Weekend Music Show, or a new episode of the original Lifespring! show. Maybe even an episode of InTouch With God’s Character or a Lifespring! HymnStories show. Maybe even a few of each! This should be fun!
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Tabitha Smith


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the Encaffeinated ONE

Siriusly Wandering
A special return of Wandering Out Loud for the Dog Days of Podcasting. No particular ideas on content, so there will likely be musings on everything, mostly of a philosophical nature, and likely most of them will be short. Except when they are longer. Expect: roleplaying games, radio, writing, science fiction, software programming, BBQs, living life, loneliness (and overcoming it!), movies, television, and at least one rant on not being able to go to Dragon*Con this year.
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