2017 Participants

Derek Coward

Comic Book Noise

A podcast about comic books.




A podcast all about Tabz! Isn’t that fanTABZulous?


Melissa A. Bartell

Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub

Original short fiction and personal essays with the occasional interview.



Dave Slusher

Evil Genius Chronicles

You probably shouldn’t listen, it’s not for you.




comedy4cast is a short-form comedy podcast, that’s been bringing you the funny since 2005. We feature skits, sketches and even the occasional multi-part story.


Nathan Lowell

Talking On My Morning Walk

Each morning I take a 2 mile walk. I think for the first mile and talk for the second. My only promise is that I’ll run the recorder and record what happens. I don’t edit (except for excessive noise – like chainsaws – or if I inadvertantly record a neighbor without their permission).

Duration: However long it takes to walk a mile in the morning. About 20 minutes.


Kyle Nishioka

Mad Marv’s Notebook

My podcast diary during the Dog Days of Podcasting.  It’s mostly about whatever happens to rattle around in my head during the day, but I’ll likely have a couple of video episodes about my photography from the past year.


Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

Welcome to my world…


Joules Watts

Five Degrees Off Normal



Seize the GM

Seize the GM is a show by and for GM’s of RPG’s. Focusing on helping new GM’s to jump in and run games and better games. With help for old hats as well. We want the art of GMing to be something that improves with time.


Nutty Nuchtchas

Nutty Bites

Nutty Bites Podcast - Debate what's awesome in geek cultureA monthly podcast that is focused on highlighting what’s awesome in geek & pop culture with debates about geeky topics like “Who is the Most Ineffectual Character in SciFi”, “Favourite Villains”, and “Best Lame Super Powers”.

Email nuttybites@nimlas.org or call in (347) NUTTY-42 or join the facebook group, google plus, or subscribe, with the links below.

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Mark the Encaffeinated ONE

Siriusly Wandering

There is a theory that, at the very moment you understand the universe, it changes to something entirely different. I plan to follow a plan to follow no plan, follow? I find the universe endlessly fascinating and hilarious, and will attempt to channel those better angels of my wandering mind (rather than the other ones who speak of doubt and worry).


Chuck Tomasi

ChuckChat Freestyle

Chuck Tomasi – father, husband, podcaster, author, IT professional, martial artist, and so much more. This is the show that shows off all the facets of his world. Sometimes fun, sometimes emotional, sometimes startling. You never know what you’ll get.


Michael Butler

The Rock and Roll Geek Show

One of the original podcasters.

A rock and roll geek talks about his life, rock and roll music and more.

It’s not for everyone.


Kreg Steppe



Chris Moody

Chris A Moody’s Daily Show

Here I talk about whatever is going on in my life!


Justin Diehl


Glad to be back for another year. This year I’m not doing a theme. Just talking about what’s been going on and the crazy year 2017 has been.


Amy Bowen

Amy Talks About Threads, Movies, and Other Stuff

Amy Bowen joined Dog Days of Podcasting as a participant for the first time in 2016, and she had so much fun she’s back for a second year! Before 2016, her podcast experience included regular contributions to Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast, and a cohosting role on The Ghost Light Podcast. Her show title for the Dog Days of Podcasting reflects the three different formats her show may take on any given day during the challenge:

  • The Thread Safe Podcast (and its shorter form, Thread Snippings) take a look at Amy’s adventures in sewing and other aspects of cosplay costume creation, often with tech chat thrown in for comparison or contrast. This year’s goal: Finish at least one costume-in-progress and have it ready for Dragon Con.
  • Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew is dedicated to discussions of both classic and recent movies, recorded live at our weekly movie get-togethers.
  • Amy Talks About Stuff is the catch-all show for any topics other than movies or costuming.

JT Shea

Drawing The Wrong Conclusions

It’s Just this Show, Ya Know? On NightGig Studios www.nightgig.com


Tee Morris

The Shared Desk

A podcast about writing. A podcast about collaboration. A podcast about the Geek lifestyle. Welcome to The Shared Desk, hosted by award-winning authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris. This show features Tee and Pip, and on many occassions special guests who have a creatvie bone or two in their body, sharing an inside look at the creative process. There are also segments that take listenera away from the business of writing and social media, and indulge in the nerdier passions they pursue. The Shared Desk: Two authors, one podcast, different points of view.



Every week Krazy Joe, Bob Trate, and “Hot John” Miller take you on a rampage with MEGAPODTASTIC ?

A podcast that smashes through the city and causes panic and mayhem while discussing the best and the worst in movies, TV, comics, and sometimes even KFC Chicken!


Jay Langejans

Bet time stories for Vikings

Join in the reading of Norse tales from the book “Children of Odin: The Book of Northern Myths” by Padric Colum. Every episode will be one story from the collection, want to know how Thor got his hammer? How the sun and moon were made? Whatever happened to those pesky giants? Look no further, the answers you seek, will be in your ear buds.


David Jacobs

Lavender Pony Show

This show is produced exclusively for the Dog Days. This year, I find myself frustrated, bitter, and angry over a number of things. This will not be like last years show. Much more swearing, angst and railing against the world. I’m going to let myself go a bit here. No offence if you take offence. It’s not all bad, though, I will likely talk technology, my love of candles and tea. Virginia is going off to college and who know what. Extemporaneous as usual.


Charlotte Kennedy

Charlotte’s Web

I have no plan for the podcast, so we’ll just have to see where my ramblings lead me!


Tim Smith

Topics in Endurance Sports

Topics in Endurance Sports explores training, racing, history, people, and the science of endurance sports. Although it may be favored towards running longer distances, it is anticipated this should appeal to many who engage in endurance disciplines.