2018 Participants

Chuck Tomasi

ChuckChat Freestyle

Ramblings of a Technophile, father, and nice guy .


Mad Marv

Mad Marv’s Notebook

Random ramblings of Mad Marv.


Kreg Steppe

The Eternal Optomist


JT Shea

The Gigcast

It’s just this show, you know, about stuff people do ‘Cuz they like doing doing those things. Their “Gigs” .  And also about whatever happens to be bouncing around JT’s head that day.  No guarantees on content or quality, YMMV.


Mark the Encafffeinated ONE

DDOP2018: Encaffeinated Gaming

I’m a gamer — that means (to me) that one of my major hobbies is tabletop roleplaying games. I’ve been moving into video recording sessions and eventually streaming, and I’ve built my own D&D 5E world to play in. My plan is to talk a bit about that, from general gaming tips, musing about gaming as an artform, snippits from The World of Ommatia, and general goofy gamingness.


Nutty Nuchtchas

Nutty Bites

Nutty Bites twice monthly podcast that is focused on highlighting what’s awesome in geek & pop culture with debates about geeky topics like “Who is the Most Ineffectual Character in SciFi”, “Favourite Villains”, and “Best Lame Super Powers”. for Dog Days Nutty goes solo and talks about TV/Movies, Food, and her life a bit.

Email nuttybites@nimlas.org or call in (347) NUTTY-42 or join the facebook group, google plus, or subscribe, with the links below.

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Hugh J. O’Donnell

The Gamer’s Guide to Writing

Video games have had a profound influence on my creative development, but are often maligned as a creative or storytelling medium. But I’ve picked up lessons and applied them to my own writing from the most unlikely games. For this year’s DDoP, I’ll be talking about 31 video games that had a profound impact on my development and storytelling lessons that I learned from them, from playing Super Mario Bros. for the first time one Christmas morning up until today.


Justin Diehl


It’s time to come back for another round of Dog Days. This year, the event lines up with starting to work on a new novel, so I’ll be sharing my daily fun with that. I’m also in the process of preparing a book for publication, so I’ll be including discussion of the finer details of that work on the show.


Jeremy Dennis

Yakko Yaks!

Yakko Yaks! is a short podcast about popular TV shows, movies, and comics well as talking about technology or anything else that is on my mind.


Melissa A. Bartell

The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub

Flash fiction and the occaisional personal essay from MissMeliss: The Bathtub Mermaid, read by MissMeliss and friends.


Tim C. Smith

Topics in Endurance Sports

Topics in Endurance Sports explores training, racing, history, people, and the science of endurance sports. Although it may be favored towards running longer distances, it is anticipated this should appeal to many who engage in endurance disciplines.


Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

Welcome to my world…and this year, make sure to welcome my wife Charlotte Kennedy as a special guest star!


Amy Bowen

Amy’s DDoP 2018: 32 Days of Wandering

Hi! I’m Amy Bowen, techie by day, podcaster and creative writer by night (actually – the other way around as of this year)! I’m very excited to be back for my third year of the Dog Days of Podcasting challenge. This year, I subtitled my challenge ’32 Days of Wandering’ because, this August, I will be traveling to even more places and doing even more things than in either of the past two years, wandering from one activity to another. As in previous years, my DDoP episodes will be in any one of three formats:

Thread Snippings – The show where I chronicle my cosplay endeavors and what I’ve learned.

Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew – My friends and I get together to watch movies ranging from the seminal to the quirky to the ridiculous, and we share our reactions to them.

Amy Talks About Stuff – Where I talk about anything and everything that doesn’t fit under either of the other two headings.


Jeremy Cherfas

Eat This Podcast presents: Our Daily Bread

First a pretty ordinary grass becomes the main source of sustenance for most of the people alive on Earth. Then they learn how to turn the seeds of that grass into the food of the gods.

Every day in August, I am going to dig into Our Daily Bread for the Dog Days of Podcasting with short episodes on the history of wheat and bread.




Podcasting since 2005, comedy4cast is one of the web’s original comedy podcasts. Your host, Clinton, brings you all kinds of random bits of audio fun. You never know what you might hear  — a movie review, a parody sketch, or a commentary on roller coasters. The episodes are short, so they get you in, give you the funny and send you on your way.


Krazy Joe and Christina


Every Week Krazy Joe and the Gang talk movies, comics, TV and pop culture.


Michael Butler

The Rock and Roll Geek Show

The longest running music podcast. Michael Butler loves rock and roll and loves to talk about it. Hopefully you will like to hear him talk about it.


Mark Steadman


Short, bitesize chunks of thought and advice on the topic of productivity for podcasters, from long-time podcaster and creator of the Podiant hosting service, Mark Steadman.


Mike Wills

Mike Wills Podcast

I talk about everyday life with a more of a focus on weather this year and my process of learning more about weather.


John Emotions

John Emotions Show

John hosts an irreverent podcast embracing the power of human emotions in entertainment, activism, politics, and future technology.


Jay Langejans

MPAT Presents Mad Movie Mayhem

Mad movie mayhem is this year’s theme, you’ll be getting movie scenes preformed by our boys in the booth, you’ll have to guess the name of the movie and be the first to post on either Master Piece Audio Theater’s face book page or in the Ddop peeps facebook group.