2020 Participants

Jay Langejans

MPAT presents: Tales from the Bunker

A diary from the bunker survivors of the apocalypse, apocalypses may vary.

Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

Welcome to my world…as it gets upended by Corona(virus…I drink craft beer)!


Mike Wills

Mike Wills Podcast

I talk about random stuff.


Clinton Alvord


comedy4cast is random bits of audio fun. You never know what you might hear  — an uninformed movie review, a parody skit, or a commentary on roller coasters. The episodes are short, so they get you in, give you the funny and send you on your way.


Amy Bowen

Amy Talks About Stuff

Hi, I’m Amy Bowen. I podcast, write, volunteer in the community, and make costumes when I’m not working as a network operations technician. As always, I may record any or all of the following types of episodes:

  • Amy Talks About Stuff – the show where I talk about anything and everything that doesn’t fit either of my other two themes.
  • Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew – Recordings from the days when my friends and I got together to watch movies every Sunday night, usually juxtaposing an old classic with a more modern film.
  • Thread Snippings – the show for nerdy creatives and creative nerds, where I talk about my sewing and cosplay pursuits.

Eric Mortensen, The Metal CPA

Morto’s Metal Museum

This podcast is your source for non-radio-friendly tunes that only die-hards will appreciate – bootlegs, bonus tracks, FM radio concerts, B-sides, demos, live tracks, imports, deep album cuts, and covers.


Melissa A. Bartell

The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub

Short-short stories and slice of life moments from Miss Meliss: The Bathtub Mermaid.


Paul Maki


As it normally stands, IdjitCast is an Introcast for the television series “Supernatural.” We are currently in the early episodes of Season Ten. While our pace of recordings has dwindled in recent years we still enjoy getting together and discussing the show. Paul Maki is hijacking the feed to participate in Dog Days of Quarantine, and the likelihood is the content will be 99% unrelated to the primary IdjitCast content.


Chris A Moody

Chris A Moody Talks

I talk about whatever is on my mind

Mark the Encafffeinated ONE

Dog Days Of Wandering

For the eighth year, Mark will attempt to find something coherent, off-base and likely a little loopy to say for 30 days in a row!


Nutty Nuchtchas

Nutty Bites

Dog Days Content: Dinner and a Movie, where Nutty highlights a film or show she thinks is worth checking out and pairs it with a meal.

Regular content: A twice monthly podcast that is focused on highlighting what’s awesome in geek & pop culture with debates about geeky topics like “Who is the Most Ineffectual Character in SciFi”, “Favourite Villains”, and “Best Lame Super Powers”.

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Mad Marv

Mad Marv’s Notebook

Uh, I need a description now?  It’s about stuff.  I don’t know what stuff until the day of the recording.  This is not like Christiana’s stuff, she’s funny.


Clinton Alvord


comedy4cast is short-form audio theater designed to make you smile. It’s one of the longest-running comedy podcasts on the planet, and has been bringing you the funny since early 2005. Hear what you’ve been missing.


Amy Bowen

Amy Talks About Stuff: Nebraska Tourism 2020

Back for a fifth year of DDoP in a row, Amy Talks About Stuff has a theme this year: Nebraska Tourism 2020! This year, every episode will feature a brief review of 2 of the 70 passport stops that are included in this year’s Nebraska Passport tour. Passport stops include shops, restaurants, museums, tourist sites, and more, located all over Nebraska. There are 70 stops on the tour this year, so there will be 35 Dog Days episodes of Amy Talks About Stuff this year, some of which will include the usual random thoughts and diary podcasting.


Michael Butler

Rock and Roll Geek Show


Tim Smith

Topics in Endurance Sports

Topics in Endurance Sports explores training, racing, history, people, and the science of endurance sports. However during these Dog Days, we’ll be talking about the History of Pandemics.


steven Falconer

R U Mi Mume

The content of th show will change day to day with a few re occuring themes.

JT Shea

It’s Not Rocket Surgery

A short podcast about keeping things simple in these complicated times.

From NightGig Studios a Getting to Old for This Production.


Krazy Joe and Jacob


The three time Parsec nominated podcast for movies and popculture!