2016 Participants

Dave Slusher

Evil Genius Chronciles

Evil Genius Chronicles is one of the longest running podcasts, a show about high culture and lowbrow jokes, about technology and humanity and happiness.


Ken Kennedy

Kenzoid’s Autonomous Zone

Mostly me just rambling about my day, my likes, and my passions!


Michael Butler

Rock And Roll Geek Show

Michael Butler geeks out on Rock, food and whatever else that comes up


Kreg Steppe

Look What I Found



Nutty Bites

Nutty Bites is a show that highlights things that are awesome and debates geeky topics. Each Dog Days of Podcasting is a bit different as it goes from a monthly show to a daily show. Smaller segments in larger quantities, it’s the snack food of podcasts.


Chris Moody

Chris Chats

I chat either alone or I do interviews of others


Clinton Alvord


comedy4cast is a short form comedy podcast. It’s been bringing the funny to the Web since June of 2005. For the Dog Days of Podcasting the show breaks format with a special feed just for 30 days of ramblings.


Mad Marv

Mad Marv’s Notebook

Mad Marv’s random ramblings.


Justin Diehl


The Hiddennode is a weekly audio journal podcast chronicling the creative endeavors of J Samuel Diehl. From writing to podcasting and gaming to streaming; the Hiddennode covers the gamut of Justin’s new career.

For the month of August, we’ll be covering the lore of the latest world from J Samuel Diehl. Draco Artifiactium is a high fantasy world advanced to an age of cyberpunk technology. Over the month we’ll be discussing races, history, pop culture and aspects of magic and technology in this world. We’ll also cover the building blocks serving as the guide posts for the first novel in the setting.


Mark the Encaffeinated ONE

Siriously Wandering

Sirously Wandering is a DDOP-special version of Wandering Out Loud, which isn’t special at all. It’s a random ramble mixture of philosophy, observation and storytelling, doing all of those almost well, and perhaps with humour (or at least puns).

In 2015, I wrote 30 topics on a piece of paper and rolled a d30 to choose that day’s topic. This year, I expect I’ll do something very similar, except for the fact that it will be entirely different.

For reference, you can find the radio stuff I do on the campus-based community station CHSR-FM 97.9 in Fredericton, NB, Canada. You can find one of the shows (and my random posts) on Encaffeinated!. You can find my regular, award-winning podcast-and-radio show The WEIRD Show in its home as well..


Amy Bowen

Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew (And More!)

Hi! I’m Amy Bowen, and I’m very excited to be launching my own podcast(s) via the Dog Days of Podcasting! During the month of August, I will be posting several different kinds of podcast episodes. Here’s what I’ve got planned:

  • Movie Chat with the Movie Night Crew takes a lighthearted, nerdy, informative look at movies both recent and classic. A rotating cast of friends gets together every week at somebody’s house and watches one or two movies, usually with some kind of theme, and I record the conversations we have around them.
  • Thread Snippings is an audio chronicle of my sewing endeavors. I enjoy cosplaying, and I plan to spend August hard at work getting ready for Dragon Con!
  • Amy Talks About Stuff will be just that – a catch-all category for days when I don’t have anything to say about movies or sewing. (Tip of the hat to Christiana Ellis, one of my podcasting role models and heroes – I hope she doesn’t mind my borrowing this show title. I do so with the utmost respect.)

Mike Wills

The Mike Wills Podcast

I will talk about daily events. Maybe political, maybe about technology, maybe just random stuff that comes to my head.


Joules Watts

Five Degrees Off Normal

Podcasting about gaming with an invisible and not always aparent disability.



Seize The GM

Seize the GM is a show by and for GM’s of RPG’s. Focusing on helping new GM’s to jump in and run games and better games. With help for old hats as well. We want the art of GMing to be something that improves with time.


Dean Jensen

Random Actuality

A free form show about the life of Dean Jensen.  Topics can include anything.

Tabitha Challis


The crazy, unpredictable life of the supreme commander of the internet… Tabz!


Michael Butler

Rock and Roll Geek Show

Music, talk and more from the longest running music podcast. Michael Butler brings his knowledge of Rock n Roll with honesty and a sense of humor.


Chiaki Hinohara

Metal Moment Podcast and the Japanese Metal Head Show

If you love me, I love you too. If you dislike me take a chance, take a chance on me.  Some English and some Japanese. 51/50 Style.
This is the only place on the web where you can experience Metal in both English and in Japanese with a twist. (Beer , Food, etc. etc. in the Style of David Lee Roth)


Chuck Tomasi

ChuckChat Freestyle

Find out what’s happening behind all the other podcasts and events in Chuck’s life on Freestyle. Random thoughts, audio tours, daily issues, it’s all there in raw, personal format.


David Jacobs

Lavender Pony Show

The show will largely be extemporaneous and random. It may be a leap of faith for the listener, but this show hearkens back to the great, early days of Podcasting when it was just a guy (or gal) and a mic. What comes next, who knows!


Melissa A. Bartell

Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub

Essays, short fiction, and musings from the Bathtub Mermaid. Bubble bath is optional. A good bath pillow is not.


Charlotte Kennedy

Charlotte’s Web

This my first podcast. I am just sharing a little bit about me and topics for future podcasts.