Nutty Nuchtchas

Nutty Bites - 12 Days of Podcasting

Nutty Bites is a show that highlights the things that are awesome in the geek world, but for the 12 days of podcasting this takes on a more festive focus.


Tee Morris

Happy Hour from the Tower: A Destiny Podcast

Tee, Ron, Nick, and Brandon play Destiny, the award-winning first person shooter from Bungie. We are nuts for this game, and that is what this podcast is all about: a celebration of Destiny. A podcast for all levels of Guardian, we talk about the latest news from Bungie, what we love (and hate) about Destiny, and what we're looking forward to from upcoming releases. Eyes up, Guardian. Time to give up the Ghost. First round's on us.  


Mike Wills

The Mike Wills Podcast

This show will play some Christmas music each day and is a part of the daily Dog Days of Advent podcast challenge.


Tim C. Smith

Topics in Endurance Sports

Topics in Endurance Sports explores training, racing, history, people, and the science of endurance sports. Although it may be favored towards running longer distances, it is anticipated this should appeal to many who engage in endurance disciplines.


Mad Marv

Mad Marv's Notebook


Melissa A. Bartell

Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub

Essays and short (flash) fiction from Melissa A. Bartell, aka MissMelysse: The Bathtub Mermaid.


Chuck Tomasi

ChuckChat - Freestyle


Dog Days of Podcasting Big Dog

Dog Days of Podcasting Master Feed


Joules Watts

Five Degrees Off Normal


Grant Baciocco

Grant's Advent Calendar

Since 2005, The Longest Running Holiday Video Podcast!  Countdown the days until Christmas with Grant Baciocco co-creator of The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd Podcast and writer/producer of the Jim Henson Company Podcast as he brings you a day by day account of just what is in the advent calendar his mom gave him!  Work safe, Family Friendly, Christmas Holiday FUN!


Mark the Encaffeinated ONE

12 Days of Wandering 2017

There are 12 days of Christmas -- everyone knows that.

So I'll probably take about 22 days to find out why. Or not.

Join me as I wonder out loud. We might find the secret button buried underneath the layers of subconscious instinct that changes the world from "unknowable" to "knowable", and short-circuit the whole process of experiential existence, or we'll discuss something about lint.

The world is wide open to us!



Every week "Krazy Joe", Dave Perillo, and "Hot John" Miller take you on a rampage with MEGAPODTASTIC

A podcast that smashes through the city and causes panic and mayhem while discussing the best and the worst in movies, TV, comics, and sometimes even KFC Chicken!


Jay Langejans

MPAT Dog Days of Advent

MPAt will be singing one Christmas carol per day for the length of the challenge, various cast members.