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Podcaster: Tabz (Tabitha Grace Smith)
Show: fanTABZulous

I’m Tabz, head of the Between the Lines Studios network of podcasts all about TV and pop culture ( When I’m not at a mic, I’m writing or working in social media marketing. Find more about me at

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Podcaster: Andrew Eckhart
Show: ImageChaos

My name is Andrew and I like sharing with the world my views. By views I mean my completely correct evaluations of things in everyday life… and by world I mean three or four people. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to stop by. If you’re interested in any more of my thoughts (perhaps the rated G ones?), visit me over at

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Jason Tucker

Podcaster: Jason Tucker
Show: Jason Tucker’s Dog Days

I’m Jason Tucker a web developer and owner of Tucker.Pro a web dev shop in Whittier, CA. I’ve been using WordPress at some capacity for the last 9 years and love working with it. I enjoy combining my love for WordPress, social media and live streaming to bring my clients an all encompassing experience for their customers. I participate in the OCWP meetup in Orange County where I provide live streaming solutions for folks unable to make our meetups. I’m also the host of a weekly webshow on YouTube and podcast on iTunes.

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Careers in New Media/Career Opportunities/A Gardener’s Notebook and more!

Podcaster: Douglas E. Welch
Show: Careers in New Media/Career Opportunities/A Gardener’s Notebook and more!

I do a variety of shows, but I will probably release all of my “Dog Days” shows as part of my Careers in New Media blog and podcast. It seems a good fit for that series, even though I might be releasing shows for the others podcasts, too, during that time.

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